The Soul Wiper

Hello guys, here's my first attempt in drawing a fantasy character. Meet Soul Wiper. :)
Rumors of them were heard from all around the world. They were just a scary story told around the campfires. For too long, no one believed and ignored the existence of Soul Wipers. It was too late, when the people saw the danger, the wipers were already spread around the world like a disease. Incurable disease you can’t fight, but only postpone. People knew too little about them. It was known that the number of the candles on their bodies represented the number of wiped souls. Wipers collected tiny bits of their victim’s souls, required for dark immortality rituals in crystal bottles. Many people were never the same after meeting these creatures... The truth was, the younger the victim, the more powerful the effect. Too many children lost their lives. People are still searching an effective way to get rid of them, but to no avail. No human weapon can destroy them.